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"The Drin make obscure, threatening post-punk that invites a kind of mental projection. When the Ohio six-piece light up their ambient gloom with a flash of in-the-red guitar or the thunderclap of a harsh snare, it can be as alarming as the sight of a shadowy figure through the trees. With a steady clip of releases over the past three years, the band has rapidly deepened and darkened its world, growing steadily more confident in its vision of rock as occult shadow play. On 2021’s Engines Sing for the Pale Moon and last year’s Down River in the Distance, where the group operated as a solo project of frontman and multi-instrumentalist Dylan McCartney, the music cast a pall that occasionally risked dampening its forward motion. On Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom, the Drin make small but impactful course corrections, wielding depth and shading as accents to their most effortlessly ominous statement yet." - Pitchfork "The past few years have seen The Drin emerge as true innovators of Midwestern punk, blurring all sub-genre lines and instead creating in their own dark world. Over the course of their first two albums, the Cincinnati band has proven capable of subverting senses, blending together everything from synth punk and krautrock to icy psych and mechanized gothic lo-fi, all filtered through the basement walls with a wavering energy. The more time you spend listening to The Drin, the deeper the connection becomes, the better the pieces all fit. The band keep that exploratory momentum moving with their upcoming third album in as many years, Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom, a record that feels pulled from another dimension, surreal and augmented from this existence. Due out January 27th via Feel It Records, Drunken Sailor Records, and Future Shock, the band expand on what’s come before, continuing to push further into their captivating unpredictability. It’s engaging from start to finish, a pulsing, swirling, clamor of dust and electricity, destined for cult acclaim."
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