SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB + The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter

Americana - Country


in Hamburg

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~Slim Cessna’s Auto Club~ Why am I always expected to do these? I write fiction—questionable fiction at that. This is my third attempt after being told by our manager to do and then redo a bio—I think I am being kind in not pointing out the difference between biography and autobiography. I typed keywords into the computer: Examples Of Band Bios. I certainly gleaned an insight into…self promotion…so this is my final attempt, dont ask again and dont try and edit and improve it to: Appeal to a wider audience. That is not us. I will start—and I wish I could end—by saying, Thirty years, hundreds of songs. Wouldnt it be nice to end right here? But, the internet said I needed to address other ‘fascinating points of interest’. What genre are we? I dont want to be shoehorned anymore, I hope that we have made our own. We helped create The Denver Sound and we continue to experiment and reinvent what we are flattered to be a part of. I am proud that we have taken total control of everything, and continue to release music and books on our own label SCACUNINCORPORATED. SCAC is releasing the second section of Kinnery Of Lupercalia: Buell Legion. Only SCAC is able to faithfully represent the Buells and their hopes and hates, humors and despairs.
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