FONCEDALLE + Nebel 3000 feat. Brezel Göring

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in Hamburg

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FONCEDALLE is a high-volume amplified trio, a warm wave of acid guitars fuelled by addictive bass and electronic beats. In late 2021, they released their Traboule EP and went on a tour that saw them perform 40 gigs between 2022 and 2023, half of which were in Europe. Their debut, self-titled album is set to be released in March 2024 on Exag’ Records (BE). It's rawer, with tracks meticulously crafted and reworked live. While still exploring the realms of rock fused with machines, electronic trance, and melodic flights, the album also has its share of oppressive sections, unbridled chaos, and ambient, ethereal passages. FONCEDALLE serves as the missing link between the Manchester scene of the 80s, Gilla Band’s noise rock, Soulwax’s electronic rock, and the motoric turbines of Turing Machine. Preferring not to choose between being an open door or an impertinent product, the band chooses to concoct a recipe it envisions coming from the future rather than flipping through a book filled with references... - Nebel 3000 feat. Brezel Göring - Introducing Nebel 3000, an electrifying and genre-defying post band born in Kreuzberg in 2021. Their formation is as unique as their sound, featuring a thunderous blend of drums, the electrifying wail of noise electric guitars, and an artful incorporation of samples. , Nebel 3000 is a captivating collision of sonic energies crafted by former member of Stereo Total, Brezel Goering , and 2 members of an art punk band of the early 2000 called Dada Swing. With a unique fusion of disco punk, avant-garde spirit, and a touch of queer influences, Nebel 3000's music is a thrilling auditory journey that defies conventions and celebrates diversity.
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